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Get Individualized Care from Internal Medicine Physicians

Play an active role in your health care at Rhode Island Medicine. With our patient-centered approach, you will receive the care and attention your health requires. Schedule an appointment to receive a prescription, check your levels, or manage a pressing medical issue. We are a stand alone/independent internal medicine group that specializes in outpatient/office based care of complex medical problems of adult men and women.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

As a patient-centered medical home, we embrace a model that emphasizes improving and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We are committed to providing patients with the support they need as they manage various treatment plans. Our team is comprised of experts in preventative health care and common medical issues including diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol).

With a medical home, you will work with a team towards improving your health. As an active member, you will have the chance to explain things that are important to you. In order to provide the best possible care, you will need to provide your complete medical history including any care that you have received outside of our home.

Care Teams

Collaborate with a clinical care team to access the health care that you require. Each one of our teams is led by a health care provider and includes a nurse care manager and a certified medical assistant. Depending on your needs, we will coordinate with other facilities and specialists to deliver evidence-based care. Additionally, all team members are cross-trained to help provide smooth patient care.

Choose between our team leaders, Irfan Ahmad, MD, Elizabeth Granata, PA-C, Jessica Lawler, NP and Rachael Maina-Delgado, PA-C. All of our providers are board-certified from their respective boards.

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